MOBILOIL Door Push Pull ENAMEL SIGN porcelain -chipped- Good Condittion Oil

Who are we?
We are a family business that for 40 years are engaged in buy and sell unused items ranging from cars, blacksmithing, sewing machines, and even enamel signs siphons and bottles.

Our Enamel Signs.
We bought in the decade of the 80 large lots of Not enameled and enameled sign that were destined for destruction by smelting.

Many enamels signs are from South America and as many North America and Europe.

There are many signs that were discarded and sent to foundry for being badly printed, failed or production errors or for not having passed any quality control.
Even, for some reason unknown to us, there are differences between signs of the same model.

We publish as many photos as possible so that you can see the details of the signs; but can not guarantee to be identical to any other you have seen or have in your possession.
Many of the signs are chipped and rust.
we can guarantee and supply the following information:

The kind and thickness of metal. (gauge)
Exact measurements.
Exact weight.
The authenticity of enameled.
and the possibility of return.


All of our shipments include insurance, this insurance covers the price you paid for the item, not include freight costs and the value that would have the item in your
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