Mod Standard Brunette Barbie w/ VHTF Sears Dinner Dazzle Complete EXC

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Mod Dark Brunette Standard Barbie in VHTF Complete Dinner Dazzle in excellent condition.

Dark Brunette Standard Barbie with original pink hair bow is excellent.

Hair- is a dark rich brown, thick, no cuts or missing plugs. She wears her original hair bow in it's original tie form.

Face / Head- Clean, no stains or marks. Lips are a lovely pink without rubs or wear. Rosy cheeks. A hint of fade to outer left eye brow. No wear or rubs to eye make-up. No earring holes or taps. No pin pricks or scratches to face or head. no nose nips or neck splits. There is some typical light overall paling to face.

Joints-tight and hold poses.

Body- Pink tone Barbie/Midge body is near mint, no stains or marks, virtually no play wear at all seen. All fingers and toes present. About 60-70% nail polish, 90% toe polish.

Sears Exclusive Dinner Dazzle #1551 VHTF complete from 1968 in excellent condition.

Jacket-clean, bright, excellent fur with just a little thinning to top edge. Seams, snaps and accent buttons intact. No holes or tears. Nice Barbie R tag with a trace of fray to edges.

Skirt-clean, bright. Seams, original button and loop closure intact, loop is stretched. No holes or tears.

Blouse- Very clean, no stains or marks.
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