Mod Vintage Talking Barbie Doll Silver Serenade #3419 partial

This is for a talking Barbie dressed in 1971/72 Silver Serenade #3419. It comes with the original dress, faux fur, stockings, shoes, and silver gloves. One glove does have an open area between the palm and the thumb but if placed right, one would never notice. Barbie has a loose leg, though it is still attached, just wobbly. She has one shoulder that is a tad bit discolored, likely from the fur sitting on it for over 30 years. I dressed this doll when I was a young girl, loved the outfit, and left it on her forever. Dress is in great shape, stockings like new (only on, never off) and the t-strap shoes are both on. The auction does NOT include the stand, as I just used it for the photos. I am selling 700+ dolls from my personal collection over the next few months. Keep checking back for dolls in pristine shape starting at low bids for auction. Doll and outfit will come very well wrapped in bubble wrap and new box!

She does not talk! Permanent laryngitis!