model kits airfix vintage rare LOMAC wagon and JCB 3 and 2 other railway wagons

model kits airfix vintage rare LOMAC wagon and JCB 3 and 2 other railway wagons

This lot is for 1 very rare and vintage airfix LOMAC wagon with JCB load and 2 other wagon kits as shown the airfix instructions were miss printed and come with an amendment!


The archetypal backhoe loader, a restored JCB 3C MkII, showing the conventional arrangement of front loader

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Airfix is a UK manufacturer of plastic scale model kits of aircraft and other subjects. In Britain, the name Airfix is synonymous with the hobby, a plastic model of this type is often simply referred to as "an airfix kit" even if made by another manufacturer. [1 ]

Founded in 1939, Airfix was owned by Humbrol from 1986 until Humbrol's financial collapse on 31 August 2006. As of 2007, Airfix is currently owned by Hornby .

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Airfix was founded in 1939 by a Hungarian businessman Nicholas Kove ,

A few years later in 1954, Woolworth buyer Jim Russon suggested to Airfix that they produce a model kit of Sir Francis Drake 's Golden Hind , then being sold in North America as a ' ship-in-a-bottle '. The kit would be made in the more stable polystyrene plastic. In order to meet Woolworth's retail price of 2 shillings, Airfix changed the packaging from a cardboard box to a plastic bag with a paper header which also included the instructions. It was a huge success and led the company to produce new kit designs. The first aircraft kit was released in 1955, a model of the Supermarine Spitfire , in 1/72 scale, developed by James Hay Stevens .[ 2] This was a scaled down copy of the Aurora 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire kit. Kove initially refused to believe the product would sell and threatened to charge the cost of the tooling to the designers. [citation needed ]

[ edit ] Expansion Airfix models from 1957

During the 1960s and 1970s, the company expanded greatly as the kit modelling hobby grew enormously. The Airfix range expanded to include vintage and modern cars, motorcycles, figures, trains, trackside accessories, military vehicles, large classic ships, warships, liners, engines, rockets and spaceships, as well as an ever-increasing range of aircraft. Most kits were created at the "standard" scale of 1/72 for small and military aircraft, and 1/144 scale for airliners. [3 ]

The acquisition in late 1962 [4 ] of the intellectual property and 35 moulds of Rosebud Kitmaster gave Airfix their first true models of railway locomotives in both OO and HO scales as well as their first motorcycle kit in 1/16 scale — the Ariel Arrow .

In the mid 1970s, larger scales were introduced, including the dramatic 1/24 scale models of the Spitfire and Hurricane and Harrier "jump-jet", which featured unusually extensive detailing at this scale. All the kits were manufactured using injection moulding of polystyrene . They were categorised into Series from 1 to 20 depending on their size and complexity and were priced accordingly. Series 20 was limited for several years to the 1972 1/12 scale kit of the 1930 Supercharged Bentley 4.5...
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