First off...let me apologize about the coloring on the pictures...the setting was off on my camera (obviously) and I didn't notice till I was uploading the pictures. I did not want to retake all the photos but please note the pictures do the houses and structures no justice. They have been taken care of with each one being wrapped in a plastic bag (for the most part).
This is a large lot (over 20 structures). I will do my best to describe what I have:
AHM Mini Kits (not pictured) 5 total. Model #s 5811 Old Time Factory, Model #5815 Repair Shop, 5883 Hardware Store, 5877 Maintenance Group, 5879 Emporium Department Store and Atlas Freight Station. Most of these mini kits have some pieces inside, if they are completely all together not sure...and all of them have the instructions inside. So a total of 6 mini kits. Then already built: Vanderbeck Drug Store Ma's Place a nice white house Long brown bldg work sheds (2) castle railroad hotel 2 structures hardware store long barn 4 Large structures pictured on floor, the last 3 photos. So a total of 22 structures. I'm selling this as one big lot. It will be wrapped to the best of my ability for safe arrival to you. If you live within 40 miles of me we can make arrangements for pickup.
This will be a lot of fun for the collector/dealer to sort through. I'm pricing it to sell.
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