MODEL SHIPWAYS SULTANA Schooner ship wood model kit NE

Colonial Schooner, 1767


Museum quality wooden model kit


made in the U.S.A. with pride


Historic Sailing Ship Kit from Model Shipways

SULTANA is a beautiful example of a New England schooner of the colonial period. Build by Benjamin Hollowell in Boston in 1767, she was seaworthy far beyond her size of 51 feet. Special constructions features included elaborate headworks, quater badges, and a decorative transom pierced for five large windows.

Her sharp, seaworthy lines and solid construction caught the eye of the British Admiralty and was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1768. She was outfitted with eight 1/2 swivel guns. Sailing with a crew of 25 men, she was sent back to Boston for duty as despatch boat and revenue cruiser. She patrolled the East Coast between Boston and the Cheasapeake Bay, enforsing Britain's hated Navigation and Stamp Acts. In the course of her dutes, she was involved in many incidents with colonial smugglers and seized significant amounts of contraband.

After more than four years of consignment to the Crown and badly need of repair and refitting Sultana arrived in England in December 1772 and was sold out of service the following January. The detailed records of the Navy cease at that
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