ModelPower HO Freight Car Mystery Box 30 Pc New-NE

A MYSTERY BOX? THAT'S RIGHT!!!! A 30 PIECE BRAND NEW HO SCALE FREIGHT CAR MYSTERY BOX!!!! is a really unusual item from a Model Power distributor if you are an HO scale modeler, and willing to take the plunge into the unknown! This is a MODEL POWER FACTORY SEALED MYSTERY BOX of 30 brand new assorted Model Power freight cars, made up on June 9, 2009, as noted on the box label, exclusively for that distributor by Model Power to reduce its freight car inventory. I was told that each box may different based on what Model Power had in the warehouse at the time and what its' employees put in each box---a random mix of boxcars, covered hoppers, gondolas, tank cars, 2 bay hoppers etc. The distributor does not know what is in each box, except for the region of the cabooses, which is stated on the box label. This box says "NORTHEAST", tfore, it is SUPPOSED to include some northeastern cabooses and a mix of other assorted rolling stock, maybe one, two or three of each. However, I DO NOT HAVE PHOTOS OF THE CARS BECAUSE THE BOX IS SEALED BY MODEL POWER!!!!! I cannot tell you what roadnames are in the box because it is sealed. Model Power's HO freight cars are supposed to be of good quality. If you want to see what their line looks like, go to the Model Power website , and hit the HO scale icon. The 2009 list price of this assortment is about ... read more