Modern Abstract Huge Oil Painting Canvas Large Art 0168


Contemporary Modern Abstract Huge Oil Painting On Canvas @ Large Art - Ready To Hang

Genuine High Quality 100% hand-painted oil painting on canvas! Not a Print, poster or canvas transfer!

Paint on order by our own artists, the pictures above are taken from the painting we painted previously. Your painting will be painted by the same artist so that it will be 95%+ the same as previous one.

The digital photos shown cannot convey the brilliance of the actual painting. The colors are more brilliant than they appear in the photographs. And the pictures of the painting above are illustrative and may not be to precise scale .

Size: 3 Panels, each 16"X30"X1.5", totally 48"X30"X1.5" (Width X Height X Depth), ( Super Size To 60"X40" Available )
Condition: Excellent
Signed: Yes, signed on the back by the artist
Gallery(Retail) Value: $2700
Frame : Gallery Wrapped and Stretched, staples-free sides of the canvas are painted, don't need frame, hang it in your room directly.

Package Size : Approx 17"X31"X5".

Package Weight : Approx 3.5 kg.

Other: A film is pressed on the painting to protect it from dust. You can remove the film yourself if you wish.
"smartoilpaintings" at the center of the photo is a watermark, it will not
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