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Don't miss out on this gorgeous piece! This measures as approx 2 1/2". There is very light wear but the stones are bright and vibrant! Do n't miss out on this beautiful piece!
This piece is from one of our most recent estate clean outs ! We ship Mon-Fri and on Saturdays and Sundays when possible. Be sure to view our thousands of wonderful listings!

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For our new customers and loyal repeat customers we are Paul & Jen. We have turned a hobby/passion of buying and selling all jewelry specializing in vintage jewelry into a full time operation with a full time staff of employees. We relentlessly search out and buy out estates, dealers, close outs, stores, etc. every week, multiple times a week to bring you fresh estate to market finds each and every day! We have become one of the largest costume jewelry buyer/seller in all of New England. Most of the jewelry manufacturer warehouses are located right here in New England and we have the ability to get into these untouched warehouses, and estates across New England! So be sure
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