Modern Stanley block plane, No 110 size.

Modern Stanley block plane, No 110 size.

Good modern Stanley block plane , No 102 ? in as new condition.

Heavy powder coated casting, almost unmarked.

6 5/8 " overall length , 1 5/8" wide blade.

Good condition, blade reground and honed.

We sell a lot of ‘bench’ planes, block planes, rebate & router planes etc.

All are stripped, cleaned and examined for cracks etc.

The horrible original ‘crackly’ varnish is almost always removed and the handle refinished.

All are oiled and reassembled with professionally reground and honed blades.

Most are repainted where they are paint spotted or just grotty looking.

We have a large stock of most types of components and blades, just ask.

Payment to be received within 7 days, unless you request us to hold the item for you. If you would like us to hold the item more than 7 days we would prefer you to pay (without postage)
PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR THE CORRECT POSTAGE.The correct postage is shown automatically on your screen depending upon where you are, we always combine lots for the cheapest postage, if you win more than one lot, it will normally be reassessed and invoiced on Monday. Items are posted within 2 working days of payment.

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