Modified Bolt Action Buzz Bee Hunter Nerf gun + darts

Buzz Bee Hunter Modified
ATTENTION: This is NOT an actual rifle it is only a TOY and CANNOT fire live ammunition! It has the orange tip required by law

This Buzz Bee Hunter has been modified so it can use both Nerf and Buzz Bee darts. It has the air restrictor drilled out and a smaller barrel installed inside of the stock barrel that fits all darts. The dart stop has been removed to prevent jams and for use of the long barrel extension for Nerf streamlines. The Hunter can hold 4 darts in the rear of the stock and 2 darts on the side. Although it is not a high powered dart gun, the bolt action and new paint job make the Buzz Bee Hunter one the most unique blasters.
The Buzz Bee Hunter went through a lengthy process to get the paint job you see here.
First, the Hunter was taken apart and each piece sanded by hand and with an electric power sander. It takes about 3 hours of sanding to prepare the plastics. The sanding is necessary to remove the gloss finish and roughen the surface of the plastic so the paint will go on and stay on. Without sanding, the paint can chip right off the gloss plastic surface.
2. Next a base layer of black Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric Coating was applied. This is not a $1 can of black paint that chips off, you get high quality automotive grade Vinyl Dye that is the best spray I have

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