Modified Wizzard Storm Extreme Fast 2.8 ohm Armature Silver Chevy Pickup Truck

New Wizzard Storm Extreme Custom Slot Car

This high performance car has all the upgrades to go really fast.

Silver electrical kit

2.8 ohm balanced armature

Pro predator gears 7/24

Pro rear tires

Independent delrin front end

Neo traction magnets

Hand painted and detailed silver 1974 Chevy Pickup lexan body

This car can break 3 seconds on our 60 running foot 10 turn road course

Made from state of the art materials
Tremendous Durability
Optimum Magnet Geometry
Premium Grade Polybond Ceramic Motor Magnets/ Neo Traction
Five Position Guide Pin Placement
Dual Interlocking Rear Clip
Easily Adjustable Brush Tension
Brush and Brush Springs Easily Changed
Molded Lexan Body Post
Custom Lexan Body
Double Coil Pickup Shoe Springs
Proudly made in USA
It is recommended that you upgrade your power supply
to at least 1 power pack per lane and Parma controllers.
High performance cars require better electrical.
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