Mohair Tibetan Lamb Mauve Rose 4x6 Doll Hair Wigs Reroot ooak

Tibetan Lamb Mohair for Doll Wigs, BJD Wigs, Monster Dolls PLEASE Read the Description so you know what you are buying. This is NOT a pre-made doll wig. This is fur to make your own doll wig. DIY.
This Tibetan Lamb fur leather size- : 4 x 6 "
Average length of fur is around 4"
No seams unless stated Color of this piece: Mauve Rose blend- this color is STUNNING and cannot be reproduced as it is one of a kind.
All pieces I sell are individually hand dyed one at a time for vibrant and unique colors. Some are dip tip dyed, others streaked, some gradient dyed. I LOVE color combining!
Hand dyed art fur is one of a kind ( OOAK ) and cannot be found anywhere else. Doll artists love these wool pieces for making BJD, Monster High or other doll wigs. You can use the fur on the skin and make sewn wigs, or cut off and make hard caps wigs like the ones I specialize in.
Tibetan Lamb is sold on the hide. It is sold by square inches and not by weight. For example, a 4"x6" piece is 24 square inches. For wig making a 4x6 may make up to a size 5-1/2 wig. I use a 4x6 size for my Monster High Doll Wigs- and a 4x4 for Barbie wigs.
Some minor shrinking of leather is common when dyeing due to the wet heat, so pieces may be slightly off measurement. The original piece prior to dyeing was the size listed.
Tibetan Lamb fur pictures
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