One of these recently sold. See auction #250209305789 for more info. and to see what it went for. These are getting extremely hard to obtain. They were beautifully made out of solid brass and I believe they were used on the entrances of the Tool Works factories in various locations. The details are absolutely magnificent and are a piece of artwork not found in todays manufacturing industries. A lot of attention was paid to the original molds which resulted in this excellent example of an old advertising sign. The signs letters and the Indian are all done in three dimension raised style with the sign measuring 16 1/2 X 10 1/2" and weighs 16 pounds. It has written on it "MOHAWK TOOL WORKS ARROWSHARP AXES AND KNIVES EST. 1893 TROY, N.Y.. The sign has some very minor blemishes, nothing major, which only add to the beauty and originality of the piece. Someone is going to be a very happy winner of the item. Shipping added to winning bidders cost at auction. Good luck!!!!!

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