Hello e ba y friends!

Welcome to Micky Dolenz Direct 2U on e ba y!

For those of you out t asking yourself " is this really him on ebay? "

Let me assure you... it's really me writing this and not a fan, dealer or an imposter.

Being a part of the Monkees was indeed a life changing experience for me (to say the least!!) and I want to thank those of you that have remained loyal fans throughout the years! Perhaps one day our paths will cross and I can tell you " Thank you "!

Why I'm on e ba y...

Each week, I receive fan requests from all over the world asking...

"Micky, how can I obtain your authentic autograph ?"

One might be able to catch me after a concert appearance or at a Hollywood red carpet event.

Or, perhaps if you attend one of the pop culture autograph conventions I do each year.

The easiest solution?

eb ay!

I believe e ba y to be the #1 marketplace for me to connect with my fans throughout the world to offer authentic hand signed photos, books, drum sticks, cd's and one of a kind items, as well as, some very cool surprises along the way!

All these signed collectibles make for great gift ideas as well.

Accompanying all items will be my official " Micky Dolenz Direct

'Buy It Now' Offer...

Personally signed to your 1st name!

When placing your order please specify in the " Special Instructions " box if it is to be signed to a name different than yours, otherwise it will be signed to the name registered on your ebay account.

The CD was released in 1995 by Rhino Records

Track listing

1. Monkees, (Theme From) The 2. Last Train to Clarksville 3. I Wanna Be Free 4. I'm a Believer 5. Steppin' Stone, (I'm Not Your) - (single version) 6. Mary, Mary 7. Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You, A 8. Girl I Knew Somew, The 9. Randy Scouse Git 10. Pleasant Valley Sunday - (single version) 11. Words - (single version) 12. Daydream Believer 13. Goin' Down 14. Valleri 15. D.W. Washburn 16. It's Nice to Be With You 17. Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head") - (single version) 18. Listen to the Band - (single version) 19. That Was Then, This Is Now 20. Heart and Soul

And don't forget, my hand signed Certificate of Authenticity will accompany your CD make it that more special!

But Wait! That's Not all you'll get!

Order now and I will include a FREE GIFT with your order!

( It's a surprise so I can't tell you what it is )

I hope you enjoy my e ba y site and will visit it often!

If you have any questions regarding any of my products, one of my personal assistants will kindly respond to you on my behalf.

Please allow up to 21 days for your order to be sent out


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