MONKS first LP British powerpop classic HOT COVER 1979

Sooo British, soooo good. Extremely catchy powerpop classic from Robin Hood country, the land of the TIMES , TV PERSONALITIES , DONKEYS , SEVENTEEN , PROTEX , IGNERENTS , AMBER SQUAD and FRESHIES . Their first and definitely best LP goes by the title BAD HABBITS . This cracker includes the all-time classic 'Johnny B. Rotten' (f**** this song is soooo good) plus the charmers 'Spotty Face' / 'Love In Stereo' / 'No Shame' / 'I Ain't Gettin' Any' and several other winners. All these tracks sound hyper-melodic , topped with fresh-sparkling summertime melodies and a perfect lead guitar. You are bidding on the original first UK pressing , released on in 1979 (catalogue number EMC 3309). Sleeve and vinyl are still in excellent condition . Airmail postage/packaging: GERMANY 1-7 LPs (5-7 Euro) 8-36 LPs (7 Euro). EUROPE (all countries) 1 LP (6 Euro) 2-3 LPs (8 Euro) 4-7 LPs (15 Euro) 8-22 LPs (18 Euro). REST OF THE WORLD 1 LP (9 Euro) 2-3 LPs (13 Euro) 4-7 LPs (29 Euro) 8-22 LPs (32-37 Euro). Payment: Europeans via paypal or by bank transfer. Overseas via paypal only. German customers should send their payment to my bank account. Good luck with your bid from Berlin’s eBay seller ‘punkdealer’