Franciscan Monk/Friar Robe: This is an authentic religious vestment made of a heavy grey twill fabric. This two piece habit has been beautifully sewn. It is "used" and in excellent condition, no rips, stains or worn down areas. The pieces are as follows:

Robe (tunic) -- One piece robe that pulls over the head and has a snap closure at the neck-line. T are 6 front plaits the are from side to centre and 4 back plaits. These plaits allow for a neat spread of the robe when the monk in walking and also falls neatly with no bunching up, etc. T is one side-slit for access to a pocket. Each side, below the axillary area and at waist level has sewn-on belt-loops for a cincture to slip through. Theses loops keep the cincture from slipping down as the loops act a belt loops on trousers do. The deeply hemmed sleeves and bottom hem allow for lengthening/shortening of this robe. The robe will fit men 5'11" - 6'0" as it is hemmed now. An average to slightly heavy built man would fit nicely in this monks robe. The white cincture cord is not included in this auction,

Cowl (capuche) -- A well tailored, rounded front cowl forms a 'v' shaped back tail. An attached functional hood is attached to the cowl. This hood is sewn in the traditional Franciscan style, forming a neatly pointed hood with special top-stitch hemming that keeps the
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