AMAZING! AWESOME! OUTSTANDING! And any other word that comes to mind when you see something beyond belief. This is a fully articulated skeleton from a monocled cobra, Naja kaouthia. This species is endemic to Asia and is often encountered by humans when the snakes venture into houses in search of rodents. Their proximal ribs are longer and straighter and can be spread during their typical display posture. The snake will rear-up, hood-out, and hiss at a threat, just as this one is doing. This specimen measures 6' long and is 14" X 15.5" X 20.5" tall; it stands upright on its own. The fangs are 0.25" long. Trust me, shop around, and do so beyond ebay. Heck, check the GLOBAL market for something like this -- YOU WON'T FIND IT ANYW ELSE! In fact, I'd be willing to bet you'd be the only person ON THE PLANET to own a monocled cobra skeleton like this! Buyer pays $20.00 for packaging, insurance, and priority shipping. This snake will be shipped in two large pieces and will require gluing back together upon arrival. Thanks for looking and good luck!