Monogram 1/48 B-25H MITCHELL -Sealed1977kit- #5500

Monogram 1/48 Scale; Model#: 5500-0100

Unassembled * Factory-Sealed * Plastic Model Kit

** Excellent Original Issue! **

North American



WWII Medium Bomber

First issue in the 'tall' Monogram box!

Includes the popular Diorama sheet & instructions

*** New In Box *** Original Factory Shrinkwrap *** Quality Sealed-Mint ***

Original Model Release: 1977 . Wingspan: 16-7/8" , Model Length: - 12-3/4"

A Little Aircraft Info

The North American B-25 Mitchell was a twin-engine medium bomber used by many Allied air forces in every theater of WWII. Named in honor of Gen Billy Mitchell, a pioneer of US military aviation, the B-25 saw service across four decades. The H variant was an improved version of the B-25G, featuring two additional fixed .50 in machine guns in the nose and four in fuselage-mounted pods; the heavy M4 cannon was replaced by a lighter 75 mm. 1,000 were made of this version with one left flying in the world.

This Model's Major Features

Can be assembled with bomb bay, hatches, nose-gun open or closed Interior of fuselage is highly detailed with features from actual plane Molded in olive drab Rotating turrets and elevating guns Kit includes pilot and 2 other crew members Decals for two different
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