Monogram USS Ramsey DEG-2 Vintage Rare 1/300

This is a Scale model of the USS Ramsey, DDG-2 by Monogram.USS Ramsey (FFG-2) was a Brooke-class frigate in the United States Navy. She was named for Admiral DeWitt Clinton Ramsey. The Brooke class ships were nearly identical to the Garcia class, except the second 5"/38 caliber gun was replaced with a Tartar missile system and electronics. Brooke class ships also had the AN/SPS-52 3D air search radar instead of the two dimension AN/SPS-40 and added the AN/SPG-51 for target tracking and missile guidance. The Mk 22, single arm, 16 missile launcher was placed midships. FFG-1 through FFG-3 had a Westinghouse geared steam turbine while FFG-4 through FFG-6 employed a General Electric turbine. All ships had two Foster-Wheeler boilers. FFG-4 through FFG-6 had an angled base of the bridge structure behind the ASROC launched for automatic reloading. The Brooke class was originally designed to carry the DASH drone, but were later equipped with LAMPS SH-2 Seasprite after the hangar was enlarged.[2] Oliver Hazard Perry class systems were evaluated on USS Talbot (FFG-4) including the Otobreda 76 mm gun, the AN/SQS-56 sonar and other systems.[2][3] Initially authorized as guided missile destroyer escorts (DEG), FFG-1 through FFG-3 were authorized in FY1962 while FFG-4 through FFG-6 were authorized in FY1963. Plans called for ten more ships to be ... read more