MONOLITH MONSTERS 6sh '57 classic Reynold Brown sci-fi art of living skyscrapers!

An Original Vintage Theatrical Folded Six-Sheet Movie Poster (6sh; measures 81" x 81")
The Monolith Monsters, the 1957 John F. Sherwood Universal science fiction horror thriller starring Grant Williams, Lola Albright, and Les Tremayne (U.S.)
Condition: good to very good -- There are some creases, smudges, and tiny tears on some foldlines, and some tiny paper loss at some crossfolds. There is some darkening, smudges, and extra wear on the part of the back of the poster that was on the outside when it was fully folded, typical of folded six-sheets (but it does not have much effect on the front of the poster). This is the sort of poster that responds extremely well to professional restoration. After proper linenbacking by a talented professional, the poster will look fantastic, and there will likely be little need of paint restoration anywhere in the image.