Monster High Doll Lagoona Custom Repaint ooak Repainted by Fantasy Dolls Dressed

Monster High Doll Repaint Custom Lagoona Blue OOAK Repainted Doll"Jade"
As with all my dolls, all of her factory paint has been removed. You get a fully 100% repainted custom OOAK Monster High Doll. Caitlin has been very carefully hand painted with an eye for detail by Donna Anne, full time doll artist since 2001.
Dolls are repainted with a mixture of fluid acrylics, liquid sealers, soft pastels for shading, and spray sealer.
Doll Details- A brand new Monster High Doll Lagoona was used for this repaint.
Repaint : Icy Silver-Blue eyes, rose, pearl and blue eye shadow, facial shading and blush.
Hair: Factory hair was removed and replaced with this beautiful multi shaded Tibetan Lamb wig all hand dyed by me, in pale blond, aqua and blue.
Outfit: Jade is sold in the dress shown with shoes.
Stand is Not Included - I am very sorry but I do not have stands for dolls if they did not come with them upon purchase.
CARE of CUSTOM REPAINTS: My Monster High Doll repaints are art dolls and not intended for children to play with. These are adult collector dolls. Please handle with care. Do not wash or get wet on the face or hair area ( if wigged ). Do not rub the face as it may damage the clear spray sealer.
I strive to give you a unique and special Monster High Doll ooak custom repaint to add to your collection.
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