MONSTER HIGH LAGOONA BLUE [Daughter of The Sea Monster]


Freaky Just Got Fabulous!

Lagoona Blue [Daughter of The Sea Monster]

with Neptuna

INCLUDES: doll stands & diaries (you know you want to read our diaries).

Meet the frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world's most famous monsters! They've left their parents' outdated hauting habits behind as they figure out the horrors of high school. With their killer style and fiercely loyal friends, you'll see them and scream "Drop dead ... gorgeous!"

Lagoona Blue [Daughter of The Sea Monster]:

Age: 15

Monster Parent: The Sea Monster

Killer Style: I mostly like to creep out in my baggies, tank top and floppies. That way I'm ready for any kind of a scary good time whether it's surfing, screech volleyball or checking out the bro's with my girls. But I also like to show up to parties in my scary cute little black dress just to show everybody I can pull off the look.

Freaky Flaw: My skin tends to dry out if I spend too much time out of the water so I go through a fright of monsturizer. Chlorine from the Monster High pool also has a tendency to turn my blond hair blue but it's a creeporific look don't you think?

Pet: Neptuna is my pet piranha and I've got a special purse that's actually a fishbowl so I can secretly take Neptuna
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