Monster High OOAK repaint custom *Elfie* Wicked Witch by artist Elizabeth Weis

Up for your consideration is Elfie, a young but very powerful witch who is just learning to use her spell book. She is unusually green, and she has a green bottle that once belonged to her father. It is the only thing she has ever had that belonged to him. Her spell book is obviously extremely old, well used, and full of arcane knowledge. She's desperate to learn to use it properly.
Elfie's elaborate dress and jacket are beautifully handmade and come all the way to her from Finland. Her hat, though unusual, was given to her by one of her popular friends. It comes to her from Canada.
Her fingernails and toenails have been painted by her school roommate even though beauty treatments aren't really her thing. Elfie is more interested in Munchkin and animal rights and taking care of her sister. She is very upset at the moment because the young man she loves is in trouble because of her, and she's searching her spell book for a solution to help him.
Boots round out Elfie's outfit, and all of the accessories pictured come with her.
Her factory face up was removed by me, and I repainted her with professional grade pastels, acrylics, and Prismacolor Premier watercolor pencils. Her face up has been sealed with Mr. Superclear, and her eyes, lips, fingernails, and toenails have been glossed with Liquitex Professional
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