Power Ghouls Power Ghouls Dolls Name Status: Trademark Release Date(s): Early January, 2013
Unknown Assortment Number(s): Y7298
Unknown Model Number(s): Y7299 — Clawdeen Wolf
Y7300 — Spectra Vondergeist
??? — Toralei Stripe
??? — Frankie Stein

Power Ghouls is the name for a line of four superheroine-themed dolls to be released in 2013. The dolls are announced as Target exclusives. Each doll dresses as a superheroine lightly remniscent of famous comic book characters, and also comes with a comic booklet. The characters in this line are Monster High characters who have been transformed into superheroines in order to stop Cat Tastrophe's evil plans.

At San Diego Comic-Con International 2012, two dolls of this line were revealed: Clawdeen Wolf as Wonder Wolf (akin to Wonder Woman ) and Spectra Vondergeist as Polterghoul (akin to Supergirl ). Prior to the reveal, the trademarks were already spotted and in addition to the two reveals, a third trademark exists for a character called Cat Tastrophe (akin to Catwoman ), who in January was revealed to be Toralei . At the same time, the fourth doll was also revealed: Frankie , who may be the Voltageous (akin to The Flash ) trademark.

Notes Spectra's character "Polterghoul" is a play in the word "poltergeist" which means "a ghost or other supernatural
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