Monster Power Pro 900 Rack Conditioner w/ LED Gooselamp

Monster Power Pro 900 Professional PowerCenter w/ Monster LED Gooselamp
Bought this brand new about 6 months ago, just upgraded to a Furman power conditioner the other day and no longer need this unit. It works excellent, and has done a great job protecting my gear. Overall its in excellent condition, but does have rack rash from being mounted (which I was able to touch up with some black paint) Comes with genuine Monster LED Flexible Gooselamp and manual.
Product Description:
Center with Clean Power Monster(R) PowerCenter(TM) Solution for Professional Musicians
Now, Monster has created a true professional PowerCenter, combining advanced power line conditioning with high capacity surge and spike protection, that's within reach of any musician, studio owner, custom home theater installer, and enthusiast. The PowerCenter PRO 900 reflects Monster's commitment to creating performance-enhancing power solutions for music Professionals that everyone can benefit from.
More Than a Surge Protector, with Clean Power(TM) Stage 1 v.2.0 Filter for Improved Sound
Protecting your equipment is mandatory, but PowerCenter PRO 900 does much more than prevent catastrophe. Patented Monster Clean Power filter circuitry virtually stops most electrical line noise that goes right through ordinary surge protectors. Providing the
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