Just finished this beautiful "Monster" slab White Crappie. This is an actual skin mount not a fiberglass reproduction. This big slab is almost 16" in length. Only the finest materials were used in the mounting of this fish. I probably use more different colors than most taxidermists but I really want the beauty of a crappie to show all it's different iridescents such as greens, blues, and gold. I still take pride in what the back of my mounts look like too. Every mount gets 2 eyes and the back painted also. It's more costly and takes more time but it was the way that I was taught and the way I'll do all my mounts. This mount comes with a heavy duty hanger which allows the new owner to display the Crappie straight or in a slight head up attitude. Finally, this mount comes sealed with an Acrylic Urethane Gloss for that just out of the water look! This is a huge crappie! This mount would be an awesome addition to any home, office, or business.

Thanks for looking and good luck bidding!!

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