Monsterpocalypse Big lot 100+ figures

This is an auction for a over 100 Monsterpocalypse figures and buildings. I stopped playing the game and I hope that someone can enjoy it as much as I have. I have several starter boxs worth plus alot of boosters packs. As a bonus, you get one map pack from series one and 2 strategy guides from series 1 and 2. There are 3 complete armies here plus a lot of extra buildings (3 of every one from series 1, Statue of Liberty, Imperial State building, and 2 Insurance buildings and the special Government building from the map pack) total 32 buildings plenty for any army.
Planet Eaters Army (3 monsters and 27 units)
Gorghadra x1 (normal and ultra)
Rogzor x1 (normal and ultra sealed)
Ultra Vorgax x1 (morpher) with Synasepede x1, Chompapillar x1, Mastigapede x1, Barreller x1
Destructomite x6, Elite Destructomite x4 (half sealed)
Belcher x6, Elite Belcher x4 (half sealed)
Explodohawk x4 (half sealed)
Crawler x2 (one sealed)
Elite scorcher x1
Terrasaur army (3 monsters and 29 units)
Terra Khan x2 (one sealed)
Rakadon x1
Carindon x6 Elite Carindon x4 (half sealed)
Raptix x5 Elite Raptix x4 (half sealed)
Spikadon x3 (one sealed)
Brontox x4 (two sealed)
Bellower x2
Pteradactix x1
Shadow sun syndicate (2 monsters and 19 units)
Zor magna x1
Zor Raiden x1
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