Mont Blanc Meisterstuck #164 Ball Point Twist Pen

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck #164 Twist Ball Point Pen

I have up for auction today a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 164 - Black with 14K Gold Plating. The pen does not include the box or service booklet this is for the pen only. The pen spent many years rolling around in a desk or drawer and does have some signs of that. T are no cracks, gouges, or heavy damage but t are some signs of wear on the barrel. The Gold plating is beginning to show some wear as well. The pens function is perfect and it "works" perfectly, just doesn't have a completely new and shiney appearance.


I have set a very reasonable Buy It Now price based on what my previous auctions have ended at. This is to allow you to snap one up at a fair price without having to wait for the auction to end. However, if you no longer see the buy it now option that means someone else has started the bidding process so you'll have to bid on it. You can also check my other auctions for other Mont Blancs that still have a buy it now option available. In the event the pen doesn't sell with a buy it now, I will share that I think this pen's price should end at $110-120 based on it's appearance. Please don't go bid crazy and run it up too high - you wouldn't be happy with what you'd spend. It's a good used pen, good to write with, but is NOT gift quality or
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