Montana Lifestyles Elmer-Fishing in Boat# 105/1793 EL225 4 1/2" New $29.99

Montana Lifestyles has an entire series about Elmer the horse. Elmer definately has an attitude! In this piece he is in a boat doing a little fishing. His boat even has a name.."The Ellie Mae"….this happens to be the name of his grey horse girlfriend Ellie! He measures 4 1/2" in height, 6" in width, and 3 1/4" in depth.
Elmer is item # EL225. On the bottom of this piece you will see that he is numbered # 105/1793. He comes with his box, which is more functional than decorative. Also included is his original tag which states "When in doubt, let your horse do the thinking'..". Of course this is called Elmer's Horse Sense.! I am a retired gift shop owner with leftover inventory. This item is new.
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