Montblanc limited edition pen writers series - Alexandre Dumas (wrong signature)

For sale is a beautiful Montblanc Writers Edition Alexandre Dumas ballpoint pen. This is the rare version with the wrong signature (that of Dumas' son) inscribed, that was withdrawn by Montblanc before all pens were sold. The serial number is 09585/16000. The pen is a very dark brown, almost black, with golden detailing as well as what looks like mother of pearl, but I believe it is also resin. The ball point cartridge is original Montblanc and is black. I cannot see any defects, but the pen is used, and thus has the kind of superficial surface scratches that you would expect from normal use, that are all but invisible in most lighting conditions.
More information about this limited edition is available directly from the Montblanc website: /en/brand/limited-editions/writers-edition/alexandre-dumas.aspx
The pen will be sent from Mulhouse, France, with a tracking number. (Or if you are in Switzerland, it can be sent from Basel.) If you would prefer insurance as well, let me know in advance of payment. If the real shipping cost is lower than the one stated in the auction, I will reimburse you the difference.
I will generally ship only to Switzerland, EU, Norway, US, Canada and Japan.
Note that I will not lie on customs forms or write "gift". Thus, if you live outside the European Union/Switzerland, you might have
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