MONTER Very rare Conus Moncuri 176mm length.

Shell :Conus moncuri

Size : 176mm length.

Condition : small file lip.

Location : Ly Son Island

Shipments are made within 24 hours of payment receipt via PayPal or Bank Draft

Shipping time : directly from Vung Tau- Viet Nam about 2 to 3 weeks.

Sometimes 30 days, please have patience. Thank you very much!

Combine shipping cost to USA :

100gr to 250gr: 6.50USD

251gr - 500gr: 10.50USD

501gr - 750gr: 16.50USD

751gr - 1.000gr:19.50USD

1.001gr - 1.250gr: 27.50USD

1.251gr - 1.500gr: 30.50USD

1.501gr - 1.750gr: 33.50USD

1.750gr - 2.000gr: 36.50USD