Montgomery Ward wood Cook Stove Porcelain Enamel green

Antique wood burning 6 burner cook stove made by Montgomery Ward. It has a porcelain enamel finish in sea foam green and cream color. (Picture 8 of the upper cabinets shows the color the best.) T are four triangular porcelain foot pads in the green matching color. (Only two are under the right side in the photos but both the other two are present.) T are only two chips in the porcelain that we can find and both are not very obvious. (Pictured in #11 & #12) The first one is on top of the upper cabinets and the second smaller one is on the right cabinet corner. The cast cook top edge has one chipped out portion on the left side of the stove w it wraps around down the side. (Might be able to see it in the photo of the left side of the stove if you look closely.) The cook top is 24 5/8" deep and 50" long. Floor to top of cook surface (including foot pads) is 34 3/8" high and cook surface to top of cabinets if 26 1/4". T is an additional 3" backsplash making the overall height about 91" high. The top two cabinet portion measures 10 3/4" high by 11" deep and 43 3/4" long. The label on the inside of the right lower drawer says Ward's Fame model No. X20-4. T is also a patent number 99.318. T is a water tank storage on the right lower with a fold down spout (Picture #6) and a temperature gauge on the front of the oven door (Picture

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