MOOER Ultra Drive MKII distortion Pedal, GUITAR EFFECT, FX, PEDAL

Ihave been beavering away since October last year on a 3 rdstudio album for a band. Now that we've finished I've got some gear we used on that so its nearly new and with only a few hours use to sell. Some of the stuff is part of a general studio clear out so check my other items.

This little pedal is truly very versatile and I like it a lot as an “In Line” effect pedal. It is honestly one of my favourites of the past few years and knocks spots of my so called boutiques so am a little sad to see it go but a clear out is a clear out.

This was used a lot on the album and when it is dialled in right reacts sweetly with valve heads for pristine sound. It is very versatile and be used almost every genre. Despite the use it is still in mint near new condition except for one little chip where a plonker dropped his I-phone on it result.............. …..............pedal fine – I-phone trashed :)

The Blurb....

The Mooer range of Mini pedals has established itself within the guitar playing community as a high quality pedal - offering amazing value for money and the small size allows you to be more efficient with space on your pedal board.

This versatile distortion has three working modes: O rig inal/Extra/Ultra

Original: Provides a strong, hard edge distortion sound with low noise level.
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