Moog Prodigy - vintage analogue synth - early serial # awesome condition

This is my classic Moog Prodigy , and what a fantastic machine it is.

If you're looking at this, you probably know about these machines (in which case, skip to the bottom). If not, read on!

The Moog Prodigy

When it came out in the late 70s the Moog Prodigy was the Moog attempt to fight the Japanese invasion, so it was a stripped down version of the Minimoog at a competitive price.

It was really popular indeed and was a big American “budget-Mini”, alongside the Sequential Circuits Pro One.

The structure is quite simple: 2 syncable VCOs with the classic 24dB Moog ladder filter, two ASD/R and a simple lfo.
The two vcos are similar but they have different waveforms and different “feet” settings.
VCO1 has the 32′ and offers Pulse, Saw and Tri waveforms.
VCO2 has the 4′ and TRi, Square and Saw.
The second vco has a detune knob and can be synced to VCO1 creating many complex waves (a feature unavailable on the Minimoog).
Using the Pitch Wheel with the sync on , the wheel modulates only VCO2, creating some really funky sweep effects.
Than there is a mixer/vca, the Filter with cutoff, (env)Amount, and Emphasis (resonance) and the two envelope ADS/ASR.
The LFO is quite simple and offers square and tri waves with a rate control that can go from 0.3Hz to 30 Hz, not the faster or slowest
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