Moon Moth Actias selene Saturniidae F 147 M 140 mm Big!

excellent gift, special exotic specimen

beautifull pair of Luna moths from Thailand

Actias selene, Saturniidae

We have selected the largest specimens! Wingspan: Female 147 mm; Male 140 mm

each mounted in Black ordinary riker frame size 8 X 9"

Common name is: Indian Moon Moth or Indian Luna Moth . it is one of the biggest among Luna moths species. In Thailand it is called Sang-jan (Moon-light) which has the meaning something like - "the one which appear under the light of full moon". Unlike greenish American Luna Moth, this species is more like white-yellow, better resembling the soothing moon light. t are also 4 pink spots on wings and Male's tail is also tinted with pink. Male has more "bushy" antennae.

An interesting fact for fans of LOTR movie : according to Wikipedia, Indian Moon Moth has served as a messenger between Wizard Gandalf and Giant Eagle Gwaihir.

those who have seen movie " The Lord of the Rings " should remember the episode ( LOTR 2 : Two Towers) when wizard Gandhalf has been imprisoned at the top of tall tower Orthanc. In the Third age giant eagle Gwaihir (descendant of legendary Thorondor, Lord of the Eagles) rescued Gandalf the Grey from the top of Isengard and again from Zirakzigil before and during the War of the Ring . Gandalf, being a powerfull wizard,
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