"A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups"
Very Rare
By J M DeMatteis and Jon Muth
Complete Original Series
Numbers 1 to 12
1986 - 1988
All comics are in truly excellent condition.
Ungraded but barely read and have been kept sealed in bags (provided) since original purchase.
A real find as this ground-breaking masterpiece is considered to be one of the best comics ever created.
A poignant, touching story with truly unbelievably beautiful artwork.
Much of the text is in the form of poetry, all artwork has been hand-painted.
Moonshadow is a 1985–1987 limited series written and created by J. M. DeMatteis and illustrated by Jon J. Muth and Kent Williams as well as George Pratt.
Moonshadow was originally a twelve-issue maxi-series by Marvel Comics under the Epic imprint. It was the first American comic book whose art was done entirely by painting.
One of the most ground-breaking and literate comic series of all-time is finally collected in one mammoth volume, showcasing the very best in modern storytelling and painted artwork. This adult fairy tale is a work that evokes comparison with Lewis Carroll & William Blake.
Born in an intergalactic zoo and raised on the romantic works of Byron and Shelley, Moonshadow is suddenly kicked out of his home
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