Moonshine Copper Proofing Parrots Beak - Polished

Made with 1 inch copper tube. The feeder tube and outlet tube are 3/8ths of an inch. Also has a air tube in the feeder tube by the input cup so that air can freely escape so you don't have to preprime the parrot. This also allows you to run your still at a high flow rate without any issues. The main tube is 1" and 12" long so all proofing hydrometers will fit. The base is a wood base which is removable so you can use just the proofing parrot in a clamp system if that fits your setup better. The copper is all soldered with lead free plumbers solder. The parrot was polished to a highly reflective shine using a multi step sanding, polishing, and buffing process to make it a functional work of art.
What a proofing parrot does:
When your running your still you run your distillate into your parrot, your hydrometer sets in the parrot, the distillate fills the tube the hydrometer is in and you can see what proof your running when it is coming out of the still. This allows you to take continuous measurement of ABV%.