8 Moonshining Prohibition Letters Patrick Floyd Co VA Virginia Bootlegging 1900s

8 Letters - Moonshining, Prohibition Patrick Co & Floyd Co. VA
1. 1909 letter to Deputy Marshall J.W. Staples from Thomas L. Moore, U.S. Attorney, about someone in Patrick County made whiskey at his spring in a cooper still about swearing out a complaint.
2. 1912 letter to Comm. Thompson about 2 affidavits against 2 Patrick Countains for making whiskey - the affidavits described the whiskey making and were signed by an X. The US Attorney dismisses them because the statute of limitations had run - the affidavits are included.
3. 1912 letter from Federal Revenue Agent about illicit distilling in Western Patrick Co.
4. Another 1912 letter from the same Federal Revenue Agent enclosing a full page hand drawn map of the distillery near the Stuart and Hillsville Pike
5. 1918 letter from J. Sidney Peters, Virginia Commissioner of Prohibition about Floyd and Patrick County alcohol cases.
6. 1924 letter from Federal Tax Collector - about arrest and assessment against a Stuart couple charged with being a Retail Liquor Dealer
7. 1927 letter from Prohibition administration Merrick about taking federal agents from Stuart and putting in Floyd where they are more needed.
8. 1929 letter to Administrator Merrick from Mr. Thompson about the need for federal agents to be located in Patrick County state that large
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