Moore Maker #5102 LLG One Hand Trapper Bone 4-1/8" NEW, Liner Lock & Thumb Stud!

Moore Marketing is a licensed company independently owned and operating under the guidelines of Texas law. Moore Marketing is closely associated with Moore Maker, Inc., Matador, Texas, and is the only authorized distributor of imperfect Moore Maker knives. Under normal use, all Moore Maker knives listed herein will provide long lasting service to the user. Such knives may have been rejected by Moore Maker, Inc. for one or more minor defects, including but not limited to, slight discoloration of the bone handles and/or hairline cracks (completely repaired) in the bone handles. Isolated cases of “lazy blades” are noted whereby the blade fails to quickly snap shut. Oiling improves the performance substantially, and all knives are lubricated prior to shipping.
Not every knife listed herein has an imperfection. Some are considered “factory seconds” due to manufacturing overages. For example, if the original intent is to manufacture 100 knives, a percentage over 100 (possibly 5% or 105) are built in order to ensure 100 knives pass Moore Maker’s rigorous quality control standards. The remaining five knives are considered overages and may or may not contain an imperfection; they are offered to you by Moore Marketing at a substantial discount. Every effort has been made to photograph any discrepancy to assist the buyer in the clear

Consider the following:
* Knife has not been reconditioned, carried, handled, or sharpened;

*Cutlery-grade high-carbon steel blades tempered to +/- 56 Rockwell hardness;

*White cattle shin bone scales;

*Master blade stamped "Moore Maker, Inc., Matador;

*Made in the USA!
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