Moores Universal assistant Industrial Facts Book 1882 Plus News Clippings Extras

!882 copy of Moore's Universal Assistant Industrial Facts book published by R. Moore 73 Beekman Street, London. 5 1/4" X 7 1/2" X 2." 1016 pages. Illustrated with 500 engravings. The book claims to contain "over 1,000,000 industrial facts, calculations, receipts, processes, trade secrets, rules, business forms, legal items, etc., in every occupation from the household to the manufactory." Generally good condition with at least two pages that I found that have "excerpted" with scissors. The cover shows wear and use, as well. Still, it's a great old book. Also included are a previous owner's news and odd story clippings, ragged 4-leaf clover, child's school Memorial Day program and other little gems. I had fun looking through all of the extras. Worth a bid. Thanks for looking. 04.07.018