This is a beautiful heavy, metal statue of a moose that we bought several years ago. That was when the house had a "moose motif". It sat on the mantle across from a Bradford Exchange dish and up above was a set of 50 lb antlers that hubby shot while in Alaska. We've now moved on to a gigantic elk head....this doesn't fit in with the theme, we're moving and would like to find a new home. I don't think it's bronze, but I know it is cast in some sort of heavy metal. The gold plaque on the front says: "Master of the Marsh" by Bradford Williams and it is # 907/out of 950. The Bottom has a gold sticker that says it is from Big Sky Carvers, Manhattan Montana and it is handcrafted in their Montana Workshop. The Bottom felt pieces show a little wear but the entire piece above is in excellent condition. T are no cracks, chips, dents or dings. The metal color is still as origional as when we bought it. The oval wood base is a warm dark oak color and is 12 inches wide. From the base to the tip of the highest antler point is 13 inches. The bull moose has excellent detail and picky as a hunter hubby is, we wouldn't have bought it unless it really looked like a nice big bull. Will someone find this guy a new home please? thanks for looking.