Moretti Pipe Fantastic Freehand Magnum No Reserve

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Pipe is 7 .5 inches (1 9.5 cm) long and stands 2. 2 inches ( 5.7 cm) tall .The tobacco chamber has a diameter of 0. 78 inches ( 1.9 cm) and a depth of 1. 7 inches ( 4. 4 cm). Weight: 4.2 oz ( 118 g).

The briar of all Moretti Pipes is 10 or more years old

Stem type: Acrilic

Pipe colour: Natural

Finishing: Smoth-Rusticated

Pipe cleaner passes easily

No Filler Moretti History

The tradition of making pipes by hand in Recanati, Italy, dates back to the 1850s. Later, in the 1900s, there was already a flourishing pipe making establishment called Hully Briars, which at that time employed about 40 workers. Later still, Mr. Igino Moretti and his wife joined Hully Briars, when the business was at its peak of prosperity, employing 50 people.

While half of the overall pipe production of Hully Briar was destined to a third party, the other half was sold under the name BEP-SON, which is a combination of the first syllables of the ownersí names: Beppe and Sonia.

Soon after that, Mr. Moretti became the principal Hully Briars pipe maker, but, unfortunately, the company had to close down. After having passed a railway job contest, Mr. Moretti had to choose between driving trains and making
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