Morgan and Peace silver dollars 1878-1935 Buy as many as you want. L@@K

I have a lot of silver dollar to sell off. 58 of them to be exact. I am no busy to list them one at a time. Maybe that is to lazy. But here we have it. I want to unload these. Most are in VF grade up to XF. A couple lower and a few might be AU. Dates and mint marks vary. I won't pick and choose so the price is fair for all buyers. I will mention that there is only 3 1921 Morgans in the bunch. All coins will just be picked at random. Look at the shipping charge. It will be the same no mater if you buy 1 or 50. Communicate with me so I know what you want.

Shipping: I always mail packages out within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment. All packages will be mailed in padded envelopes with tracking number provided. If you buy more than 10 I will mail in a small priority box and provide insurance at no extra charge.

Returns: I WILL NOT be accepting returns on these coin. I also won't be asking ot buy them back if silver goes back up to $40 per oz.