Morning for Marisa

Beauty that knows no bounds sees the promise of a golden dawn. it's market day in a tiny Mexican village, and Marisna's too excited to sleep. Rising long before the rest of her family, she brushess her long dark hair to a radiant lustre. As she savors the quiet of early morning, her beauty is matched only by the warm glow of the dawning day.She may live far away, but she'll always be close in your heart....because marisa is the first-ever public offering of a limited edition doll created by world-renowned artist Renate Hockh. Impassioned by her commitment to children throughout the world, Renate is known for her breathtaking ethnic dolls--each one a realistic portrayal of a unique and beautifyl culture. Marisa premiered an outstanding collection entitled"What a Beautiful World". The quiet hush of early morning is the perfect setting for Marisa. Tipping her face toward the rising sun, she rests her chin against her shoulder and lets her thoughts drift. For market day Marisa dresses simly. Her woven blouse is embroidered with a favorite traditional design. Her silky hair falls loosely about her shoulders. And adorning her bracelets are petty antique-finsihed silvery beads. She measures 17' HEAD TO TOE. AND SEATED IS 9.25 ". The wooden hairbrush and jewelry is included. This is now a closed Georgetown edition. Limited and comes with ... read more