MORNING REPORT OF THE 12TH ALABAMA CAVALRY Showing the total of rosters for the nine companies, A-I, and statements of organization by Col. Warren Stone Reese, as written, Saunders Company has never reported it was acting as escort, army Tenn The above is taken from Field Report furnished Maj Bryan by Col Reese, in Blount Co: Ala Nov 15th 1864 The Following statement of the organizations of the Batt was made by Col. Reese The Batt, was organized 2 years ago, as 12th Ala. Batt, under command of Lt. Col Hundley with six(6) companies- consolidated by Genrl. Bragg, at Murfreesbro, with 1st Ala Cav- about this time (90) ninety-men deserted- While in East Tenn, last winter the command of the 12th Ala., the order of consolidation with 1st, Ala. having been worked. The Batt was collected by Capt. Reese, and form additional companies, ? M Kinney's, Lokey's Saunders and Shephard's were assigned to it in June last making it -a regiment. By Special Order No. 93 ? Wheelers corps " Information having been recovered from War Department. the following named officers were appointed field officers of said regiment, they are ? accordingly" "on verso" Warren S Reese Col Marcellus Pointer Lt. Col A. J. Ingraham, Major On returning from Tenn I said many left without authority, the Col. being absent. absent 150 men started on said about Nov. 1st. Col. ... read more