Morrison WWII Navy Pen/Pencil Set "The Patriot

Morrison WWII Navy Fountain Pen/Mechanical Pencil Set

Marketed by Morrison to the public during WWII as a "Gift For Men in the Service"

This Navy set is less common than the similar Army set.

The pencil is in excellent condition an feeds lead smoothly. It is missing the Navy logo that goes on the top.

The fountain pen is still able to draw ink from a bottle and the 14K gold nib writes smoothly. It does leak and puts out blobs of ink so it will need attention if you intend to make it a writer. There are three alternative methods to stop the leaking. The first would entail rebuilding and repacking the cartridge and rebuilding the plunger washers. Alternatively, it could be turned into an eyedropper or perhaps the simplest method would be to attach a sac to the section and then fill the sac by squeezing it.

I have made no attempt to polish or clean this set in any way, prefering to leave that to its new owner.

The original owner of this set wrote his information on the bottom of the box:



I did a little research and found that George I. Kibler died in 1998 in Colorado Springs.

The pen set comes in a genuine leather blue pouch. Included in the box are instructions and a guarantee from Morrison.