Mort Kunstler - Charge at Trevilian Station - Civil War Print


The Official Lee's Lieutenants Series - Fifth in a Series of Six Limited Edition Prints
By Mort Kunstler

General Hampton and the Citadel Cadets, June 11, 1864

After painting The Loneliness of Command, a single figure composition of Robert E. Lee sitting outside his tent at night, I wanted to paint something complicated. Instead of night, I wanted day. Instead of quiet, I wanted action. The painting would also be my fifth in the series of six Lee's Lieutenants paintings and I immediately thought of a cavalry charge. I had already painted J.E.B. Stuart, Lee's most famous cavalryman, in Staurt's Ride so why not Wade Hampton, who succeeded Stuart after his death and became Lee's ranking cavalry commander?
After doing considerable reading, I felt the charge at Trevilian Station on June 11,1864 would be perfect. Wade Hampton led a charge of Cadet Rangers recently arrived from the Citadel, to save a Confederate battery from capture. The painting would have Hampton, action, a complex composition, and daylight all in one - exactly what I was searching for!
Having painted Hampton before, I was well aware of his character, personality, uniforms, and accoutrements. He was riding his favorite mount, Burler, a bay. All of this war confirmed with South Carolinian, Jim Fox, who
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