Moser Cranberry & Amber Heavy Enameled Art Glass Vase


Presented for auction is this heavily enameled Art Glass Vase by Moser Bohemia.

Featured in the Cranberry Glass with Amber to Yellow base glass color, this Vase has so many fine points to mention. The shape is unusual and to find the two colors along with the textured design and finally the heavy enameled floral decor makes this piece quite a catch.

Measures 5" high by 4" wide at it's widest point.

A polished base around the center is shown.

Condition: No flea bites, chips or cracks. The interior needs soaked overnight as t is alot of dust inside.

I had an ebayer inquire whether the glass was sick or cloudy glass w I mentioned it was dusty (see question below). After cleaning it the dust was immediately removed and the glass is not sick or cloudy. However, t is a stain towards the interior base edge w the glass meets the base and t is a little crevice. I soaked all night to try to remove the stain and this morning when I attempted to clean again I was able to remove part of the stain and held it up to the light. I discovered a small straight pin lodged in the crevice and it has generated a small area of rust stains around the pin. Do not know how to remove the pin. You are buying this piece as found.

I have not
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