Moser Karlsbad Bohemian Amber Cut Crystal Scenic Vase !

About me: I have been a member on Ebay for about a year now and I've been buying many different types of antiques on Ebay, private auctions, and estate sales. I am now in the process of opening up an antique furniture and decorative arts store and I overstocked a little so now I am selling some very beautiful and extremely rare antiques and items on Ebay. As you can see, I have 100% positive feedback ratings. You can bid with confidence.
The Item: we present to you an Antique Moser Karlsbad Bohemian Glass Vase, featuring a Deep Amber color Glass, cut back to Reveal Translucent Facets and Panels. The surface is Decorated with a fine Courting scene Continuing around the Vase. Very High Quality. T is Artist Initials WH near the Foot of the Woman as shown in the Last Picture.It dates back to circa. 1910-1914. I have seen other, unblemished vases featuring this motif in European shops selling between $6,500 and and $11,000, mainly in the higher-end shops and antique galleries.

Moser Glass is the legacy of Ludwig Moser (1833-1916), a Jewish artist from the Czech Republic (then known as Bohemia). He was formally trained as a painter and engraver, but founding the Moser glass company, and is what he is remembered for today.

Moser glass first gained recognition as a very high quality engraving facility beginning in 1857, with
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